Shoutcaster Introduction

Hi there, this is RAGE staff Zumi-Champ.
Allow me to introduce the Shoutcasters for RAGE vol.1 Vainglory Japan Cup GRAND FINALS
to be streamed on


An accomplished Vainglory player, as well as a sought after game shoutcaster, StanSmith.
Official Website【here】
Twitter 【here】

A man that needs no introduction, the ever-popular Mokson.

We present this ultimate tag team for RAGE vol.1 ~Vainglory Japan Cup~ GRAND FINALS.

Since RAGE will also be broadcasted internationally on、it was only fitting to collaborate with the best commentators in the business for this inaugural event.
Furthermore, the play-by-play will be conducted by the one-and-only Monte Cristo.

Commentary will be provided by e-sports broadcaster Wolf.

Tune in to their play-by-play commentary too!!!

Don’t miss RAGE vol.1 ~Vainglory Japan Cup~ GRAND FINALS!!!