For players residing outside of Japan




Check the FAQ before Contacting Us about the Preliminaries.

Receiving E-mails

Q. I have submitted a request to participate, but have not received an e-mail.

A. If you have not received an e-mail, please check that it is not in your spam folder. Also, please check that your account is able to receive e-mails from If you still have not received an e-mail, please contact us by selecting the “Event Participation” inquiries option from the inquiry form and fill out any necessary information.

Q. I have changed my e-mail address, so I would like a new e-mail to be sent to my new address.

A. In the event of a change in e-mail address used at the time of your entry, you may be unable to participate in this event or receive its prize(s). As we are unable to send new e-mails to your new address, please make sure you are able to access the original e-mail address you used to register until the end of the event.


Q. While I was selected to play in the preliminaries, I am no longer able to participate. Am I able to cancel?

A. If you wish to cancel your entry, please contact the RAGE Management Team.

Q. Can I change from Group 1 to Group 2, or vice-versa?

A. No, please participate in the group you were selected to play in.

Q. Can I make changes to my entry information (e.g., real name, in-game name and Shadowverse user ID?)

A. No. Please participate at this event using the information you provided at the time of your entry.

Check-in Time

Q. I don’t think I will be able to make it to the event within the check-in time, so I would like you to wait for me.

A. You will be unable to participate in the event should you be unable to arrive during the check-in time. As soon as the check-in time finishes we will be holding a reserve lottery.
This means we will be unable to extend the check-in time for any reason. We also expect to become busy towards the end of the check-in time, so please plan accordingly in order to not be late.

Deck Registration

Q. The deck registration screen will not display.

A. You can only access the Tournament Mode during the deck registration period. Please check the “How to register decks” for the deck registration period.
If the “Tournament Mode” image does not appear on your Arena screen during the deck registration period, please contact us by selecting the “Registering your deck for the tournament” inquiries option from the inquiry form. All inquiries must be submitted with the necessary information by the inquiries deadline.